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Firstly, sorry to be thick, secondly, Happy New Year....

However...This is a Windows query, despite the starting sentences, please stick with it.....:blush:

I tend to use Calibre ebook management rather than reader-specific programmes, like Sony Reader or Adobe Digital, when getting ebooks on my ereaders.
This enables the book downloads go into my "Downloads" panel - I select as default "Save to File" rather than ". to Reader/Adobe", and makes the next steps much easier for a non-tech like myself.

Why is it that some downloads that arrive, when I right click on the download in the panel,to get "Open containing File" - from where I simply drag 'n drop into my (Calibre) ebook Library - I am presented with just 3 options ; "Copy download link", "Select All" or "Remove from list" ?
No "Open Contain......" option for me, so allowing me to simply drag across with these files.....

It's a bit annoying, as I don't then know how to get that download into a form that I can just drag'drop across.

Can some kind soul at least explain the reason they "say" different things ? And, in an ideal world, how to sort out/get around the problem somehow!



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I would suggest you use a Download Manager. From what you have said it sounds like all you have done in some cases is save the link to the download rather than the download itself.
Internet Download Manager: the fastest download accelerator
I use the above to manage my downloads. You can try it free for a while otherwise it is a pay for piece of software.
I'm sure there are plenty of free ones on the go but I have no complaints about Internet Download Manager.
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