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Ok my PC has gone tits up thanks to NORTON go back, it tells me there is a problem,asks me to hit space bar to repair, then hangs enventually rebooting with error.

I am trying to get into safe mode, but not having much luck. i am hitting F8 but all I get is a dos screen asking where would i like to boot from(ie boot from hdd,floppy,cd, ect. All the research suggests I am doing things in the right order but i am buggered if i can get it to work.

Any experts out there, can you help Please!!!!!!!!1:thumbsup:

The Dude

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alternatively, wait a bit longer before hitting f8.

You don't need it held down until after the pc has started booting from the HDD..

F8 for boot device selection.... what make PC is that on out of interest?


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The Dude said:
alternatively, wait a bit longer before hitting f8.
Agreed. You usually have to wait and do it just before the Windows XP splash screen appears.


Thanks for the replys guys, I have tried waiting till after the bios loads, before it and all other combo's no luck. F5 takes it to Bios. Just driving me made at the moment, bloody Norton. Is it poss to create a boot disc from another PC running the same operating system? and then boot from that?

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