Windows XP hangs after software install for GGW-H20L


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I got this drive on friday and was very happy using it for backing up to blu-ray rewritables using Nero 8. I decided to check out Transformers HD-DVD but was surprised to find that Windows wasn't really "seeing" the disc.

I thought this may have something to do with Windows not having a suitable playback program, or maybe the drive needing a firmware update so set about trying to update firmware and isntall the PowerDVD softwar it was bundled with. About 15 minutes later the Cyberlink software suite had finished installing and wanted a reboot. I rebooted XP and Windows asked if i wished to install the auto firmware update for the LG. I agreed, and then the video freaked out and windows hung requiring a hard reset.
on reboot i tried an update again, same effect, video freaked out, hard reset required.
On reboot I thought "OK, i'll just check the Playback", knowing full well that my system doesn't have enough grunt to playback the video properly, but on launching PowerDVD Windows froze, Bluescreened with a memory dump and rebooted istelf. i left the disc in the drive, on reboot Windows Bluescreened again and dumped with another reboot.

Any ideas of any conflicts with Nero 8 or the like?
My system isn't smokey, just an Abit NF-M2 Nview with Sempron 3400+ CPU, 2GB RAM, onboard Geforce 6150 via DVI. Primary and secondary Hard discs on IDE, Pioneer DVR111 on secondary, the LG Blu-ray on SATA 1, Promise e-sata card on PCI 1.

As mentioned, the system burns blu-rays fine, just doesn't detect an HD-DVD


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