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I am running Windows XP profesional, which I installed and activated. Everything was going OK until when I booted up today, a message came up saying that my computer's been through drastic configuration changes since initial activation, so I have to reactivate my Windows. I'm not arguing about the said "drastic configuration changes", since I have put in some extra hardware since (extra HD, new DVD burner, etc). The daunting thing is, I have only three days to get it sorted, after which I assume my Windows will be deactivated. So when I went through the re-activation process, I came to a screen saying that the number of activations on this key number has exceeded the limit. I now need to somehow get another actication key number in order to get things back on track. I've only done one activation using this key number, so I don't know why this activation process thinks I've exceeded the limit.

Any ideas what I need to do to fix this? Does it cost any extra to get a new key number?



If it's a legit copy then you'd best give MS a call - if not then better get Googling ;)


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I have re-installed my legit copy of XPhome about five times over the years (Only on my own system I might add when upgrading / building myself a new pc) and on each occasion I had to use the number provided to ring MS for a new activation key. The process is pretty painless and only took about five minutes.

Give them a call if it's a legit copy as they always seem glad to help and you shouldn't have any problems activating it:)


I'm having the same trouble. Just installed new processor/mb and now Im over the alotted 5 activations.

Does anyone have the number I need to call as I have an oem version and there's nothing on the packaging.


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When you click 'Activate' it usually gives the option for on-line activation or via phone, select the phone option and you'll be presented with the number.

This is the first time I've seen people say they've hit a limit, maybe M$ have changed their policy, but when WPA was introduced their servers we set to 'forget' an activation after 120 days.

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BadAss said:
Does anyone have the number I need to call as I have an oem version and there's nothing on the packaging.
Like KraGorn said when you try and activate and it fails you can pick to phone M$, you can then pick your country from a drop down list. It will give you a free phone number and a activation code which you type into the phone. After that you get to talk to a nice indian guy with a strange accent in some callcenter who will read out another long number which when typed into the activation box which should then activate XP.

BTW with an OEM version its only meant to be activated and then fixed to one motherboard. Under the licence conditions you are not meant to use it on another PC. A new motherboard constitutes a new PC. But after about 120 days without activation you should be able to activate it again on any PC.

Ive just reactivated my OEM version on my new motherboard and CPU,


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there is a key generator floating about on the net, thats what I use


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I've had this a couple of times, all I had to do was to activate over the phone, and occasionally the person I spoke to would ask why I've activated so many times, It was usually because I had been tinkering with my machine. You can get it reset if you ask.

But I have also noticed that it appears to reset after a couple of months.


Problem solved. I phone the number XP gave and I was given a new code.
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