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windows volume control

Discussion in 'PC Gaming & Rigs' started by Elmer, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. Elmer

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    Oct 29, 2004
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    Ok a little niggle.

    The windows volume control (device volume slider). When I go to a lan, due to background noise I have to set it quite a bit higher and when I get back home I need to bring it back down again. This would be a lot easier to do if you could enter a volume level numerically rather rather than fiddle around with the slider (particularly as on my computer the volume seems to change quite dramatically between the 2nd and 3rd line and so I keep fiddling about nudging it up and down.

    How much easier it would be to be able to enter say a volume of 2.4 like you can in counterstrike.

    Is there any way of doing this?

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