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Windows Vista & Xbox 360 - Extender issues




Has anyone managed to get an Xbox 360 to connect to the media center in Windows Vista? It seems to connect and start to go through the extender setup steps but then gets 'stuck' and eventually reports that it cannot complete the setup. Any ideas?

Sorry if this has been raised already but the search functions don't seem to be working in the forums?



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It has been mentioned before, Vista is region 1 locked and will not work with a PAL Xbox 360.


Distinguished Member
Yip - 5472 works a treat, when you eventually get it to connect !!!

It'll say it's unable to connect to the extender device, but its lying ! leave it for 10mins then go back and bobs your uncle.


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you can find it in 'the usual' places...

you'll be needing a proper beta key from MS to use it though.


Established Member
so you can use public beta 2 (5384) keys with 5472?

does any one with 5472 want to try adding 960x540 as a custom res. in powerstrip for me and see if its accepted (preferably with an ATI card but I think vista is preventing it)? :)

Also, is SPDIF passthrough working yet?


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Yes, the public beta 2 keys work just the same....

Sorry, I'm using an NV card so can't help you there - sorry !


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You could give 960x540 a go with that see if its accepted :) its under their long list of default custom res. the HDTV derived one (not pal or 72hz)

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