Windows Vista Processes - 2 x rundll32.exe and 2 x sidebar.exe running?




I recently checked my processes and found these tasks:


Pretty normal, I did some checking, but I have them both registered as running twice over?
All of them running at different memory consumption.

Is it safe to end one of each process, or should I leave well alone? :lesson:
I just checked mine and as expected only one of sidebar running. Try running MSCONFIG, look in "startup" and see if it's being loaded twice. If yes then you can try unticking one of them. If your pc throws a wobbler on re-boot then you'll have to re-start in safe mode and undo what you've done. Not sure about rundll32, think it's a good guy that can be hijacked by the bad guys (try googling it). Guess that makes it a victim too.

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