WIndows updates not installing


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Hopefully will get more chance of a reply here.

Previously running Windows 8.1. Had a problem with Itunes not being able to update it,so decided to do a fresh install of windows.
All went well, tried to update to 8.1 , was told I needed to install WIndows updates, no problem..or so i thought!
It tells me there are 92 updates, I click to download and install, nothing happens, they will not download at all.
SO did a quick google and read about Troubleshooting in Control Panel, did all that, same thing.
No Anti virus or firewall software is running yet.

Tried installing Microsoft Fix it, tells me I need to install .Net Framework, will not install, says to make sure I am connected to Internet ( I am typing this on the pc so I guess I must be connected!!)
Any ideas?


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You don't say which version of Windows you did a "fresh install" of. I'm guessing it's Win 8. If not stop reading.

Here is how I worked through this.

Starting with a fresh install of Win 8.
First - DISABLE automatic updates. This stops the thing from trying to access and download 1,000,000 updates that in fact won't be relevant because you are going to effectively re-install when you move to 8.1. So there is no need for it to be busy doing this.

If the Win 8.1 upgrade isn't visible in the store then you need to install two updates only - far quicker than the full set. Get these manually from MS. See Why can't I find the update in the Store? - Microsoft Windows Help . Look for KB 2871389 and KB 2917499. Download and install these only.

Then Win 8.1 should be offered in the store. And go from there, setting Auto Updates back on once 8.1 is running. Be aware - 8.1 takes an age to download from the store.

If any of these steps fail then the Troubleshooter for Windows Updates will probably help.


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8.1 shows in store, but will not let me install without installing updates first.
Those two updates (KB 2871389 and KB 2917499) are not in the list of updates available.
Troubleshooter said Windows components must be repaired...fixed.

Still cannot download any updates.


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If it works the same as W7 (I don't use W8 so haven't tested it so will give it a whirl on my VM), try this:

Go to services and stop and disable windows updates.

The go to C:\Windows and delete the SoftwareDistribution folder.

Go back to services and re-enable and start the Windows update service.

Run Windows update again.


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I reinstalled again, I ran the windows update, and just left it running while I went out. When I came back the updates were installed, now installing 8.1

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