Windows partition on macbook


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Is it possible to create a windows partition on a MacBook pro .

Reason I need it is because my tv only recognises USB hard drives which are windows formatted , so I want to copy my movies et c on to the hard drive which i can't do through lion because the drive will need to be formatted which only mac supports


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Will your TV work with FAT formatted drives? If so, you can format your drive as FAT using the Disk Utility within OSX which OSX can read from and write to.


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Fat32 will work but only with files which are less than 4.3GB. HD Movies regularly take up well over this cap.

I downloaded Paragon NTFS to overcome this. It's a cheap driver which allows formatting and reading from and writing to NTFS drives. Well worth the purchase!


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Paragon is awesome, been using it for sometime. They also do a HFS for Windows which works just as well :smashin:


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Need some help . Recently installed paragon on my mums MacBook Air and didn't have the same success .

It recognised the 64gb USB pen drive but doesn't do much else . Then by accident I selected 'run as startup' in a hope to get it to do something and now when I boot it it says can't find boot or missing boot and I have to hold down option key to boot in to the mac.

Any advice ?

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