Windows Media Player Version 9 problem - help!

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by PoochJD, Apr 5, 2004.

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    Can anyone help me out please?

    I'm having a major problem with Windows Media Player - Version 9. Basically, when I need to duplicate something, I would use the Copy function in Media Player 9, to copy the contents or selected tracks from a CD onto my hard-drive, and then use Nero Burning Rom 5 software to actually create the CD of data/music.

    The problem being, that all of a sudden, and for no seemingly apparent reason, Media Player has decided it won't copy any music or data any more, to my hard-drive.

    When I insert a CD, it insists on playing it, whilst it copies the requested tracks, whereas before, I could stop the CD being played, and it would then happily copy what I needed to, relatively quickly. There's just one problem: the resulting copied files contain no sound, just static or noise, yet the file sizes would suggest there is audio content there.

    I have gone through every single setting, and help file, but to no avail. Even CD's that could previously be copied from, are no longer so.

    I can't find anyway to uninstall and then reinstall Media Player, so can anyone advise me of my best course of action, please?

    I run: a Dell Latitude Pentium 3, 500 mhz laptop, with 128mb RAM, 5gb HDD (with over 1gb free space), and use separate, desktop LG CD-Rewriting unit to read and burn my CD's on.


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