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Dec 18, 2005
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i dont know if this is the right plaved to post but i didnt know where else to. Anyway, I have recently bought a lovely 19" widescreen monitor (Acer) and its great would defo recommend ( however when i try and play dvds on windows medial player the dvd does not play inm wide screen or fill up the whole screen, i click full screen and it leave big black bars on the left, right, top and bottom!! whats the problem? is there another media player program i could download that is better?
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I have seen this problem with widescreen displays, and have solved it by using a 16:9 (widescreen) resolution. Ie. the number of pixels needs to be something like 1440x810, so that the ratio of horizontal pixels to vertical pixels is 16/9. If you can't configure such a resolution because your graphics card or monitor doesn't support it, then media player doesn't get the aspect ratio correct, and you'll need to consider using another player. Zoom Player is highly configurable in this respect, and will solve the problem.

I have also seen this problem caused by certain codecs being installed - don't ask me why/what. Often it can be solved by installing different DVD player software (and thus media player will use those codecs instead). Post processors like FFDShow may cause this problem too, under certain configurations. The priority of direct show codecs can be altered so that media player will use different codecs too, which may also solve the problem.
Actually, looking at the monitor info - the resolution you need should be 16:10 (eg. 1600x1000 or 1440x900).

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