Windows Media Player 10 tries to play RAM files


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I use WMP 10 and the free Real Player 10.5. Although I have associated .ram with Real Player, if I try to "run" a .ram file, WMP player always pops up and tries (and fails!) to play the file first. Is there any way to stop it from doing this?



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When viewing any folder, Tools > Folder Options > File Types tab > scroll to relevant types and change options

Also check file type association within WMP


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Thanks - yes, I've tried to associate all Real Audio types correctly through the folders dialogue. Also, as an experiment, I've removed all file associations in WMP! But it still keeps intercepting the files.


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Try downloading & installing REAL ALTERNATIVE. This will hopefully do 2 things:

1. Will associate RM/RAM files with Real Alternative during installation.

2. Will allow you to uninstall the bloated scumware that is Real Player (I'm not a fan).


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Yes - I'll give it a try, thanks. (I'd try anything to get rid of Real :D - forced into it by the BBC who insist on using it for some unknown reason for some stuff, while Windows Media player is OK for other items they do).


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Real alternative should be called "real essential"


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As a postscript to all this, I can say that it's been a result for me in that I've been given a way to get rid of Realplayer.

But the original problem persists. Despite the alternative player now being registered for all file types, and WMP for none, WMP still pops up trying to play, say, a BBC streaming audio programme. I then have to close WMP, open the Firefox downloads dialogue, where, if I select the 'open' option on the file, the new player kicks in.

I can't help thinking there's a registry entry somewhere that causes WMP to try to play any A/V file first, whatever the settings on other programs.

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