Windows media connect - reconnecting issues


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I setup windows media connect 2 days ago and was having a blast, playing music looking at photos etc. Last night I tried to reconnect to my laptop pc again and the connection failed. On the Laptop WMC finds the 360 and everything looks fine. Im using the wireless adapter although a mate is having the exact same problem and his network is wired. Worked after inital setup and fails to work thereafter (un/reinstalling WMC on the pc fixes this, but only for the first time. Reconnecting doesnt work.) Anyone know of a fix or what might be causing the problem. Help would be much appreciated.




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After doing some digging about im beginning to wonder if WMC works *at all* with the 360. Has anyone actually managed to get it working consistently? :rolleyes:


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*raises hand*

WMC on my computer upstairs runs fine (even though it's a resource hog), and my 360 is near enough always streaming mp3s from it when it's on. All I've ever had to do was turn the 360, hit the Guide, select music, and I'm away.

If it's any help, both the 360 & computer are wireless, the computer has static IP and the 360 is dynamic IP.

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Mine works perfectly too. I was surprised how well it does work to be honest. Whenever I switch my xbox on downstairs I have all my MP3s and pictures listed there and they play and display instantly as though they were on the xbox harddrive itself. I also right clicked on the media connect icon in my system tray and exited it about 3 weeks ago and yet the xbox still streams my songs and displays my pictures just the same which was another big surprise.

If I drop a new song into the shared folder upstairs and then walk downstairs it is there instantly ready to play. I play then through a pretty expensive cinema system and I have to say I am mighty impressed with the sound quality I am getting for an MP3 file.


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damn, I must be doing something wrong then, I've heard firewalls may have something to do with this so I shall try disabling that.


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sorry to rub it it but mine is working fine. I did try it back in Jan when I first got the box and it was rubbish, loads of lag. took ages to set up.

Got bored the other day and reloaded it on the PC and it ran straight away. No lag at all, In fact whilst I am writing this email I am streaming MP3 and images to the Xbox and there is no effect. The Xbox seems to Cache a bit.

If I turn the PC off it takes about 10 seconds before the xbox stops, if I then restart the PC the xbox just starts from the next track.

Using Sony Vaio laptop (VGN-S4XP), Netgear adsl/wireless router and Microsofts xbox wireless adaptor.

Not sure if it is connected but the last time I tried it I was using a Belkin games wireless adaptor, changed to Microsoft to save on a power socket.


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My 360 connects to me MCE machine without problem everytime, mine is a wired connection going through a hub. Set up was very easy but my mate has been trying for three days now to get his connected using a crossover cable without any luck.

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