Windows media connect problems


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Hi all!

Please read my problem and see what you think :)

I have previously had my computer streaming films (wmv) to my xbox360 with no problems. This was done via ethernet through a router.
Ethernet from pc to router, ethernet from router to xbox. All worked fine. No problems.

Unfortunately now, I have to have my pc on a wireless connection. The xbox 360 still is on a wired ethernet. The only problem is the xbox can detect my pc, but is not picking up any files that I am sharing through windows media connect?

Does anyone have any ideas?



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I've already done that, but thanks for the reply :)


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windows meda connect has been replaced with the sharing in windows media player 11. I would make sure you are running 11 and then set it up through there. it will see it as a new device as the wireless card will have a different hardware address from the wired connection


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When you open windows media connect does it have the 360 showing in devices????? I had a problem with mine too but just solved it

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