Windows loses connection with Onkyo TX-SR393


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I have an Onkyo TX-SR393 connected to my Windows 10 PC using HDMI. The picture is forwarded by the amp to my 4k TV using another HDMI cable.

When things work, they work nicely, including 5.1 sound. But about half the time when I awake the PC from sleep or switch the amp from another input to the PC, windows does not see the amplifier (the list of output devices only has the internal speakers). Most typically this happens after using a bluetooth device with the amplifier.

The image passthrough works fine, but previously I also had problems with that - about half the time the image on the TV would be just green and would only be fixed by pulling out and reinserting the HDMI cable. However, that problem luckily seems to have fixed itself.

I have found out that using the "troubleshoot sound problems" option in Windows brings the connection back, but it is rather tedious given how many times per day I change the inputs. I also tried a batch file stopping and starting windows audio services, but didn't find that to work reliably.

Has anyone experienced similar problems, and do you have any solutions?


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I have been using an HDMI solution for my Windows10 PC for a few years now. On the whole it works fine. I had a period when the connection was a bit buggy but that turned out to be an HDMI fine now after cable change. I do not use HDMI for video, as I find it sub standard. I use a 4K monitor, instead I connect via a Display port which in comparison to HDMI is far better. BTW what GPU do you have as that is another possible problem area. If you only need 5.1 you may be able to try an optical cable just to see if you have better stability. My GPU is AMD RX480 which is about 5 years old I guess and it is quite a good 4K GPU. Not used NVidia so cannot comment. Be interested to hear your comments.


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Thanks for the reply. I'll try switching around the cables and see if that helps. My TV only supports HDMI and the PC has no optical out. I suppose I could connect the PC directly to the TV and then output the sound from there, but I much prefer switching the source from the amp and that's why I want to use the passthrough (I switch a lot between devices). The GPU is a GeForce GTX 960.

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