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Hi all
I have windows 10 - all fully up to date, virus checked and up to date etc etc.

I have some annoying issues if anyone could help me with.

1st is login screens

I have two users, for example user A and User B (Local account)

User A has a password to logon, user B does not.

If user A has logged on, and then the PC is re-started. who ever has switched it on next gets the option to select either user A or B.

If user B is selected windows will start without a password as expected - however if the PC is restarted again then user b is automatically logged straight into Windows - meaning if user A was required to log on, they have to log out of user B and re-log onto user A.

Now I don't know if user B has to actually log off 1st before powering down the PC but really a power down should automatically log them out / close the session.

Second issue - not important but a bit annoying.

User A - login picture (MS Spotlight) does not change it is stuck on the same picture - however when selecting user B it does change and is regularly updated - I have tried to google this and the other problem - but with this one I have tried the fixes and workarounds but no avail.

Can anyone help - thank in advance.
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1st Issue

In search Type gpedit.msc

Select Run as Administrator
  1. Under Computer Configuration
  2. Select Security Settings
  3. Select Local Policies
  4. Scroll down to Interactive logon don’t display last signed in
  5. Double Click it select Enabled

Now if you sign out or shutdown the user will be presented with a screen to enter their Name and Password if required.


Make sure you know the correct spelling of the User names and their password, in the case of the user with no password you just enter their user name.

Note: If you have W10 home you will have to enable gpedit (Group Policy Edit). Here's how to do that.
I will deal with the 2nd issue in another post. One step at a time is best.

Let us know how you get on or if you have any problem with the process above.
Hi there, sorry for the delay in replying. I have not tried as suggested above yet. As I may have to re-install windows, as yet another bug/issue has cropped up.

I have lost sound, so when watching videos, listening to mp3, youtube etc. when I select the volume in the right hand side volume icon, there is no sound when the level is selected. the only time I get a sound is when I test the speakers in the below settings screen.

This is the only time I get sound out of the speakers now, so I know they are connected up properly. Also if you plug headphones into the headphone jack on the PC. This is the only time I get sound.

Clicking "allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" makes no difference unfortunately.

I have run the "troubleshooter" and it comes back saying there was a problem and to restart the PC to fix it, however it does not and if re-run the same "issue" is reported from the "troubleshooter"

Virus check up to date, and PC clean



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Hi there, just to add I booted up the PC this morning, and now noticed that non of the options that used to be there for the on board sound "realtek HD audio / realtec speakers (?)" have now disapeared, and I cannot select a sound source from the option in the volume task bar....Windows 10 is so full of annoying bugs it's unreal. I never had any bother when I was running Windows 7.




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Not sure what is happening with your system, but looking into the issues. W10 is a solid enough OS now and yes you can get some issues due to differing hardware on machines. What machine are we talking of, Mobo model and CPU would be good to know? Though I should add that the way W10 and realtek is dealt with has changed.


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There is a way to sort this, and have the solution, but should have asked you if your on a standard version of W10 and not an insider version?
i would assume standard version, I don't know what a insider version is. and I originally bought the W10 Disc from a UK online retailer when I built the PC in 2016.


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Just to be sure what version your on can you just do this

Type winver in search

Get the vesrion from the window that opens, mine is an insider fast so different from yours, and either type or use snipping tool to take a screen shot and post back



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i would assume standard version, I don't know what a insider version is. and I originally bought the W10 Disc from a UK online retailer when I built the PC in 2016.
Insider versions are MS development versions of the OS. Whereby users are invited to run and test the latest development versions, not available on general release, through their Insider program. I've been an insider since they started the process, it can be quite daunting on times as you have no idea what problems will arise and it can be challenging in trying to get a system running with all kinds of crashes etc and then working with MS and other insiders to resolve the problems, which can differ depending on hardware.

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