Windows/Linux dual boot amd netbook


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Right well I've got a netbook arriving tomorrow acer aspire 521.

Bit different in that it uses an amd v105 chip instead of the normal atom. Has better graphics and a chipset which supports 4gb of ram.

I plan to install ubuntu 11.04 when it comes out on Thursday. To use the full 4gb I need the 64 bit version right? Windows starter is only 32 bit so can only support 3gb correct? Is this going to be ok having a 32bit and a 64bit OS on the same netbook?

It comes with a 160gb HDD so was thinking 30gb for windows 30gb for linux and 100gb for file storage. This seem ok? Its only a netbook so wont really have much on it in the way of programs.

Anything else I should think about when doing this?


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Have you actually got 4GB RAM installed, or is that the maximum?

30GB is a bit small for Windows 7 even with no programs. Windows Updates will fill that up eventually. I'd go for 60GB. If Windows 7 is pre-installed you can shrink the partition down in Disk Management.

Have you got an external CD-ROM drive to install stuff with?


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4gb is the max comes with 1gb but I've already got the 4gb stick. It is windows 7 starter and not the full version but will allow a little more space.

Not got an external cd drive but I was just going to install from USB. I kind of assumed that it'd work as I've seen Other people doing it online. Making the bootable usb drive is no issue.


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Thanks for the link. Wont the 32bit version of ubuntu only see 3gb of ram though, or is that only a problem for windows?


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Not as easy as I had first thought but I think I've got it now. There were already 4 partitions on the hard disk
system reserved
win boot loader

Now have 7 partitions! The 4 above (sizes of windows and shared data changed) then in addition:
Ubuntu / partition
/home partition
Swap partition

Quite a bit to take on board this linux stuff!

Got Ubuntu 11.04 natty installed and now just got to iron out the few niggles my netbook has with it.


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Just an update to this.

Have installed the 64 bit ubuntu 11.04 and 4gb of ram. Windows 7 doesnt see more than 2gb and linux is yet to use more than 2gb (as far as I've seen) so 4gb may be a bit excessive. 1gb was definitely not enough though and now the machine runs brilliantly.

Tempted by a ssd in the netbook but think that may be a bit excessive considering I only paid £133 for the netbook. If I ever upgrade the ssd's in my main computer I might move one of them into the netbook.

Been playing round with a few other distros and am very impressed by the speed of puppy linux. Obviously not one you'd really use on your main machine but could be good for old hardware. Stuck it on a spare small usb drive I have and its in my laptop bag!

Having a lot of fun with linux now


Hi nonumb what distros of linux have you been using then? I dual boot with 3 OS's ( MAC, Windows and Linux) Im on alienware kit and using 1TB HDD but looking to build my own system again.



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So far I have used:

I use ubuntu all the time on my netbook now I have really booted into windows since. I've just bought a ssd (on a whim) to put in the netbook and I have a feeling thats going to be pretty damn fast. For my use its excessive however I am used to a fast pc. I dont really store anything on the netbook so 64gb should be alright.

I've also built a HTPC out of spare parts and a few bits I bought, going to put on ubuntu/mythbuntu/xbmc on it.

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