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There has been a request that we create a dedicated Windows Home Server Sub-Forum where we can discuss specific WHS topics

This is a pole to determine if this has enough demand to be warranted

There are quote a few AV related topics that WHS gets discussed in across the whole computer forums on AVF so it may be a good idea to have them in a single place, or it may be better in the dedicated section they are currently posted in.

Please let us know if you think a dedicated forum is a good idea or the topics are better where they currently live, for example in the HTPC section or here in the windows section
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Thanks graham:smashin:

I think a WHS sub forum would be very Beneficial to the members of the forum.

As I stated in the thread I started...

Its extremely important to alot of people and some of us would not be without it.

I personally don't know what I did before installing one. Its the central point of my Home cinema streaming to my PS3 and is a huge part of digital life.

It deserves a place and it deserves a sub forum in my opinion.

These thoughts mirror alot of WHS users and with streaming becoming more popular it would help people understand more about it and what it can do to enhance their multimedia experience in the home.
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WHS is the hub of my kit

it wakes my pcs up and backups them up. the htpcs record stuff and whs sucks them up to the server so any pc can watch them. My ipad connects to it and streams my movies when I am away on business

as it becomes more popular there are going to be more specific whs questions.

lets hope we get 100 votes


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Yes from me too.

It is central to my entire home network and has already rescued my HTPC on more than one occasion.

Also, with the release of Vail coming soon (hopefully) I am sure that the forums will start to fill with questions / advise on upgrade paths & installations.



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Yes please


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Yes from me, great idea. Is there a time limit to get to 100 votes?


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I hope not :D I think we need to be realistic however. If after no more than a month we havnt hit the target then I don't think it's a goer.


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Let me know how you get on:thumbsup:

Ah well, best laid plans and all that. Took me the whole weekend to get another whs install onto my other server. Abandoned and put fedora 13 on instead, which means I can't put hyper-v server onto the other compatible server in order to install vail. Ah well


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ok, I think this should be the last week for the pool. We'll take stock on the 18th and see how many votes we've got in.

currently 2/3s required to get a dedicated sub-forum, so its probably not going to happen

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