Windows Explorer Crashes


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My desktop pc runs windows 7 32bit,

I have a constant issue currently that windows explorer crashes especially when trying to move files from C drive to G drive.

I have googled the issue and found lots of different potential fixes none of which have worked so far

Hoping someone knows what might cause it.

Thanks for your help

Scanned for virus's, spywhere, done error check, defrag, uninstalled unused programs, stopped any applications like serviio running in the background when copying files and copied explorer.exe to system 32 folder

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Might help if you tell us a bit about your system. Where is the g drive, what firewall do you use, how old is the system, how much ram do you have?


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I have 2 internal harddrives, 1 for C (320Gb Im pretty sure) the other for G (2Tb use to be external)
I have 2Gb ram, Quad core processor
Hard to say how old as changed bits over the years, its getting on a bit now think maybe 4 years old if theres anything that hasnt been replaced, dont think processor has changed so rather than upping the ram etc im getting a new pc instead but prob wont be buying that until the end of the year

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How big are the files, and how much free space do you have on the c: drive?


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usually just movies, little games etc,

So id say 0.7-2Gb each

Obviously music files are much smaller.

Its not that moving them individually stops the crash but at least i can rely on which files have went over.

I tried to move a big folder of them which was about 40Gb, it crashed 10% through but said all 40Gb was in the new drive. couldnt trust that they all were so ive idividually been trying to move them and redoing the ones they crash on.

it may be complete coincidence but copy paste seems to crash less than drag and drop

Space in the C drive was low which is why I was doing it but when I started there was about 60Gb free. not sure right now as I tried another disk check which normally takes a few minuits but this time its been going since I opened this thread

almost done now so when it does finish ill update the C drive space as I cant remember for certainty


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Talk of the devil its completed free space currently 110Gb or 277GB (theres a partitioned D drive with xp on it using 21GB)


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Try having a peak at what extensions explorer is loading using autoruns:
Autoruns for Windows

They should be safe to untick temporarily but re-enable any you're not sure of it doesn't solve the problem. You may need a restart for changes to take effect, I'm not sure.


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I never managed to get the windows explorer problem solved, ill be honest couldnt get my head around that Auto runs.

Currently on laptop but im sure my pc has a virus or malware of some discription on it.

it might be causing the crashes I get but the reason I think I have a virus is if i switch off or reduce down the security on pc to get a multiplayer game to sync up I get hundreds of webages loading up

I have scanned using zonealarm and avast, in the past I have had norton and macafee

I have scanned using webroot, malwarebytes, spybots search and destroy, spywareblaster.

Still not managed to find anything to remove.


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same problem with ie9 constantly crashing,moved to firefox and had no problems,same microsoft problem releasing a product before its working right


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Suggest you run a manufacturers test programme on your hard drive to check for problems such as bad sectors or S.M.A.R.T throwing up errors. Hopefully you will know or be able to find out by visual inspection just who made your hard drives.

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