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Windows 8 where can I get it cheap?


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I have decided to buy Windows 8 for my Acer laptop. I was going to get it when it first come out as it was only £50 to upgrade. But I decided not to. Now I want to upgrade and it seems to be really expensive. Anyone know where I can get it cheap. I only need a upgrade edition as my laptop all ready has Windows 7 on it.

There seems to be a load on eBay offering COA keys with download links. Some with thousands of feedback. But they seem a little dodgy to me. Any other places? I see Microsoft store sells for £50 but for Students online :(.


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You need Windows 8.0 to migrate from Windows 7 keeping all apps/data intact.

Windows 8.1 does not have Windows 7 migrate, dumb I know but it's a standard thing MS does they remove the OS migration from the next retail version of windows. Amazon have a Win 8 pro upgrade for £69 here. The Win 8 pro will upgrade any Win 7 version and then once win 8 is in place you can update to win 8.1 from the built in app store on win 8 for free.

Wild Weasel

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You could always get someone to slam your head repeatedly with a car door to see if you like the Windows 8 experience first. :D

Windows 9 will likely be out early next year, so you could get in at ground floor of that.

If not, then it'd be a good idea to run the Windows 8 upgrade assistant first to see if there's anything on your system it might have problems with.

Upgrading to Windows 8.1 from Windows 7 - Microsoft Windows

You'll probably be fine, but it's worth doing.


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I have decided to buy Windows 8 for my Acer laptop. I was going to get it when it first come out as it was only £50.
Yes you missed out there. It was sold for a bargain price and you are going to be late to the 'learning curve party'. Microsoft appear to be charging £100 now for it but still well worth getting. Do try to put some money aside for 'Win9' [or whatever they call it] and get it on release day, you'll be glad you did.

Wild Weasel

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Microsoft pushed Windows 8 very hard when it was launched. It was initially only £25, but they were giving out £10 off discount codes and free upgrades to the Pro version and Media Centre as well. I got it for about £13 with a little Quidco discount too.

I'm sure they'll do something similar when they launch Windows 9. They need it to be a success.

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