Windows 8 Clean Install


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Instead of coming with just one 2TB hard disk, my new PC came with two. And supports RAID0.

So... I cloned the two hard disks. Enabled RAID0. Created two RAID partitions. Restored the two hard disk images to the two partitions.

Now nothing boots and the Windows 8 repair doesn't work either.
Of course, a bit by bit copy of a GPT partition doesnae work.

The PC I've bought, there's no way of recovering it without the recovery partition. The backup DVDs created rely on that partition being there - but it doesn't seem to be bootable.

I could probably boot the machine off a Linix live USB (I've made several attempts with various CSM settings but no avail yet) but from what I've read, with the UEFI enabled bios, if I managed to get a Windows 8 ISO (even an upgrade version) it will give me a fresh install, no questions asked.

I believe you can find this sort of thing on torrent sites and newsgroups but I'm not expert at this sort of thing and most searches I make are just turn up "windows 8 unlockers" which don't appear trustworthy.

If anyone can put me in the direction of a trustworthy torrent I'd be most grateful.

Can anyone help?

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