Windows 7 will not shutdown

Having wiped my hard drive and installing W7.

Now when I try to shutdown the PC it says it is shutting down, the screen shuts down but the power light stays on and the fan still runs.

Anyone let me know how to totally shut down the PC

Thanks in advance


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Did you have windows 7 installed previously?


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It's quite likely to be a bios setting to do with S3 sleep, try changing the setting in the bios to do with this.


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Check power saving BIOS settings; if windows was installed with ahci/power saving turned off on the BIOS it can be a bit of a swine.

Check which HAL is installed: go to device manager and expand the "computer type" what does this say?


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To shutdown completely just keep your finger on the power button until you hear the fan and disc stop.
Leave it for a couple of minutes and restart. It might reset everything for the future

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