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Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade


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I am currently a windows 7 user (a rather irritated user, because a lot of favourite software / games stopped working when we went from friendly old XP to W7 64bit). Now I am being pestered daily by Microsoft to switch to Windows 10. They started by offering it, now they're recommending it, they almost tricked my wife into loading it because they removed the 'No, Thanks' button and replaced it with a 'Later' button, whereupon it started to download Windows 10 presumably "in preparation for the switch".

Now, I have no objection in principle to having a new OS, but I'd be interested in people's experiences of W7 -> W10 "up"grade, & any consequent upheaval .

I do have a very old filestore attached (from a previous machine) which has a few flaws in it. Windows 7 didn't give me much trouble with it, but I note the recent query about BSOD on W 10...


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Hi, check out the mixed responses in the AVF Microsoft Windows section.
Microsoft Windows

You will see a lot of positives and some negatives, the choice is yours really. As with any new operating system you decide if you want it or not,I believe broadly that it is okay, most bugs have been ironed out, although some have had some issues, again this is the same for any new system. You can always try it and if you don`t like it, then you can revert back to Windows 7 as long as you do it within 30 days of the download, hope this may be of use to you.


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Thanks for that, sparky10, I did a search, but it didn't bring up the "Windows 10 - Why?" topic, which turned out to be informative.


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My advice is dont do it. Windows 10 is a nightmare!!!!!!!

The latest issue, which i am experiencing as i type, is that Windows 10 has decided to reinstall itself on my laptop.
EDIT: My bad....looks like Windows was doing the 1511 upgrade which basically reinstalls windows 10 but to the latest version.

Another issue is the incredibly slow boot times and once booted the incredibly slow performance.
Edit: Since doing the above upgrade last night boot times and performance have improved, will have to see if this sticks.
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Thanks for that, sparky10, I did a search, but it didn't bring up the "Windows 10 - Why?" topic, which turned out to be informative.
Hi, the link that I gave you was show you the good and bad comments regarding Windows 10. If you check the link and scroll down you will find plenty of information from other forum users explaining their experiences of the software in different threads there.


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Conversely, on both my laptops (very different setup/spec) I have upgraded without issue nor problem, and I'd happily recommend it. All third-party software works as it did before.

The precaution I took was to use a program (I used Macrium Reflect) to create a complete system image before I began, thus giving me an easy and complete reversion route in case I found it necessary.

I haven't been motivated at all to revert either box. The OS is slicker and quicker and nothing is broken.

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