Windows 7 on an old laptop


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Im trying to install windows 7 on a toshiba tecra laptop. It only has a 1.6ghz celeron processor and 512mb of ram. It had windows vista when I booted it up so presumed windows 7 would install.

After checking the microsoft website it states 1gb of ram minimum. Is there any way round this. Ive tried windows 7 ultimate and home premium.

Should I try windows 7 starter, what difference is this netbook version to the ultimate version....anything the average user would miss....?


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Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files are required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070017

Ive just installed windows xp successfully and tried again installing windows 7 and no luck.

Disk works fine as I installed it on another laptop 2 days ago....


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I would stick with XP with those specs. Vista will make it suffer even more as it's resource hungry.


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Vista home premium installed fine. Do you think putting another upgrading the ram to 1gb would let windows 7 install...


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Vista will run like a pig. Xp or windows 7 all the way.

Only time I have seen install errors like that are due to corrupt media or hdd what I am installing onto as windows 7 is more picky about disc checks etc.

I would add up to 3 more gig as memory is dirt cheap


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I run Windows 7 on a similarly basic PC without issue. In fact, it runs better than XP! Its has 768Mb of ram and a slightly quicker processor @ 2GHz.

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