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Windows 7 Crashing On Sleep (MiniDump Attached)


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Over the last week or so my netbook's been crashing every time I put it to sleep which is doing my head in.

I've had a look into it and it seems to be a kernel error courtesy of M$ themselves. The MiniDumps (latest below) from each crash read near enough the same problem with the same driver causing the problem every time.


Is there any way I can rectify this problem driver or is it a case of wait for M$ to sort it out via update?

Any help would be much appreciated as this is way beyond my level of knowledge!



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It's more likely to be some software or driver that's failing during sleep.

If you start the netbook in Safe Mode (press F8 as it boots up) does it still crash when you try to Sleep? If not, you an start tracing what is causing the problem.


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Can't seem to sleep in Safe Mode.
I haven't installed any drivers recently so no idea what could have kicked this all off! It's driving me nuts.


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I have a very old Intel D815EEA motherboard used in my TV recording machine. It will sometimes give a BSOD on sleep, but almost always references the Windows kernel or an associated file such as win32k.sys.

I don't believe that it is the Windows kernel that's faulting, I suspect it's either bad memory or a bad driver. At first I thought it was the onboard NIC, as I was getting tcpip.sys BSODs, but after changing it to a Realtek NIC the problem persists (although it no longer gives tcpip errors) and I now suspect the graphics card driver if anything (or bad memory).

Unfortunately, you won't be able to test sleep without the graphics card driver loaded; all you can do is make sure you're running the latest one and see if it helps.

As for memory corruption, leave Memtest86 running overnight and see if anything happens. For me, it didn't make any difference - I can leave the system running for days on end without any problems. I suppose it could be that the voltage is sagging as the system powers off or on causing the memory contents to get corrupted.

Finally, see if just plain S3 sleep works (without the S4 hibernate file being written) by disabling 'Hybrid Sleep'.

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