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Hi chaps

After a while of using your PC, you tend to accumulate a load of junk which populates the start up sequence. I am sure in the past I had a set of instructions which allowed the user to clean up the programs no longer required in the taskbar.

Has anyone got these instructions ? I don't always want to delete these programs, just remove them from the taskbar so I can select them from the Start menu when required.

Many thanks for your help.



Just remove them from your "startup" folder.

If a process isn't in the startup folder, there's usually an option in the program itself to start (or not) with Windows.



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In Win98 there was a program called 'msconfig' or somesuch which allowed you to do this, that sadly isn't in NT it seems.

Apart from the Startup menu there are also registry entries which can be fiddled with if you know what you're doing, and also system services, however careless messing about can be painful.

You can use REGEDIT to look at the 'run' key which is where NT stores a list of programs to be started at login .. similar to those in Startup but there is no M$-provided UI available to changed them.

For system services you need to go into the Services applet in the Administrative Tools part of Control Panel.

Again, take care what you do in these parts of the system, ignorance can be fatal. :)


Originally posted by KraGorn

take care what you do in these parts of the system, ignorance can be fatal. :) [/B]

you can cause yourself very VERY serious problums, playing around with any of these settings


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Hi Shady et all,

You can use the msconfig in XP, and i managed to transfer the program accross to win2kpro and it works the same as in XP, and the same program in win9x versions.

If you need it i can email it you...........send us a pm with your email address.......

Once loaded you can choose which programs get loaded at startup.........

I hope this helps ?? And it's easier / less scary than editing the registry...!!



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