Question Windows 10 & Upmixing Stereo for Klipsch ProMedia 4.1's


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I'm hoping somebody here might be able to point me in the right direction to get this working. I just finished repairing the Klipsch Promedia 4.1 computer speakers and they are sounding as good as new! I replaced the foam edging on both of the 6.5" subs and sent my BASH amplifier board and control pod to be repaired (crappy underrated components replaced). The issue I am now running into is with Windows 10 & Realtek Audio chipset. With the Realtek ALC1220 driver installed I am able to configure these speakers as "Quadrophonic" in the Windows 10 Sound Control panel and on a speaker test all 4 satellite speakers output I know all channels are working.

I'm not really interesting in trying to get 4.1 surround sound out of these as I primarily use them for playing music. In past versions of Windows (probably XP the last time I was actively using these speakers) I was able to basically upmix the stereo playback to use all 4 satellite speakers when playing music.

Apparently this is not a simple task in Windows 10. In fact, Realtek has even removed the Sound Enhancement "Speaker Fill" option from their latest drivers.

I did try removing the Realtek driver and going with the default Windows audio driver that does allow selection of the "Speaker Fill" option but I'm still unable to get the two rear satellites to mirror the two front channels. Additionally, when the Realtek driver is uninstalled (using the generic MS driver) configuring these speakers as quadrophonic does NOT playback audio from the two rear satellites at all, even when testing. I've tried setting them as 5.1 surround config, with center channel removed (unchecked) and enabling speaker fill, but no dice.

So at this point here is my state:

What works?

Both front Satellites & the Subwoofer

What doesn't work?

Rear Satellites during stereo playback

As mentioned previously, using the Realtek audio driver and configuring as Quadrophonic lets all satellite speakers work during the speaker channel test.

Does anybody have an suggestion of how to get stereo upmix working in Windows 10? I understand that stereo is two channels, but it is crazy that it seems to take an act of god to get upmixing working on Windows so you can use all speakers. Mirroring the the front channels to the rear channels should be a trivial task. Any help is appreciated.

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