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Hi, I'm trying to find the best way to set up my surround sound speakers for Windows 10. I'm using earc audio with gpu plugged into tv hdmi 2.1. I have 5.1.2 onkyo atmos speakers. Surround sound works perfect on consoles and tv apps but not on pc. I've included pictures of my receivers setup including phantom speakers for atmos. I'm not sure if Windows would detect those? The problem is with the speakers test. On my receiver menu speaker test works perfect for all 5 speakers so they're all plugged in the right places but when I speaker test on actual Windows it doesn't work properly. With atmos selected it's completely random and I hear a slight sound coming from some speakers. When I select 5.1 instead of atmos and do a speaker test it works better. All speakers play in the test but the surround right and left both play out of the same two speakers. So when I click surround right it will play out of left and right and vise versa. Anyone know how this is? I went to cru and tried messing round with speakers setup there and selected 5.1 bit still the same. I've tried another method which seems to match my speaker setup better but still the same. I'll include photos of these setups too. If anyone could help me out I'd really appreciate it. Spent hours trying to sort it. Seems OK with 5.1 setup but doesn't seem right almost like sounds that should come out front left and right speakers are playing from my surround left and right. I never have this problem with console games even with older games. I've also included a photo of the atmos speaker setup I've chosen on windows 10 settings. I've deselected the sl and Sr speakers as I'm using 5.1.2 but I'm not sure if Windows would recognise the receivers phantom speakers? I'm using Sony x900h and sony str-dn1080 refeiver if that helps.


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