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hi all,

we have a pc with what i think is windows 10 there is a password on it that for thelife of me i cannot get to remove we know the password but i cant see how to use the pc withot a password

anyone have any idea how to remove it,

its the main password to get the pc to start up,

thanks in advance


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Is this the Windows (Microsoft) password or something that happens BEFORE you get that far?


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Pretty much when I turn on the computer before the dashboard comes on


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That the password screen before the dashboard


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I think the problem is you have some type of padded cushion on your screen preventing you from seeing the correct username.


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You can't remove it entirely, it's part of windows security.

There used to be an option in control panel to log on automatically but that seems to have vanished and the only instructions I can see are for activating it behind the scenes.

As it's been removed from the official settings it could stop working at any time so I'd probably investigating alternative log on options before going down that route.

That looks like some sort of tablet or all in one so if it's fairly new it may have an infra-red camera and can do face recognition. I believe the logon option using that goes under the name Windows Hello.


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There used to be an option in control panel to log on automatically but that seems to have vanished
It is now done by making changes in the registry, but not sure if this can be done with a domain or Microsoft account (as stated by LV426. )

  1. In the Run box search for Regedt32.exe.
  2. Once you’re in the registry editor, navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
  3. Locate DefaultUserName and double click it, type in your username and click okay.
  4. Locate DefaultPassword and double click it, type in the password for the username and click okay.
  5. Close the registry editor & reboot
The PC should then auto logon using the account you entered above.

Or if using a local account you can remove the password from that in the settings



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The registry is where windows stores all it's settings and configuration data. All the settings pages just change a registry value and everything that needs to know the value of a setting looks in the registry.

When Microsoft want to remove a feature they typically remove the interface for setting it but then leave it functional for a few years so that there's minimum disruption to existing systems and software that might rely on it has time to change.

You can still set it by manually editing the registry as that's important for troubleshooting purposes.

But unless Microsoft have officially documented that this is a Windows 10 feature that can be set this way then you should to assume it's not being tested in new releases and could cause problems or outright break at any time.

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