Windows 10 on ssd


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Hi all.
I'm trying to install a fresh copy of Windows 10 on my new ssd but I'm getting an error saying.
(the selected disk is an MBR partition table.)
On efi systems, windows can only be installed to GPT disks
Any help would be great. Thx..


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Is the SSD brand new or previously used?
How have you partitioned it?


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Hi mate thx for the reply.
It's brand new.
All I have done is. Initialized it in windows disk management and my bios and my computer are it fine.


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I have on similar occasions, disconnected any other hard drives and done a clean install to the SSD. If you've backed everything up and have your license key or digital activation sorted, then that's worked for me...


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You choose an obsolete type of partition table called MBR when you initialised it.

The windows installer has formatting and partitioning options as part of the process so I'm not sure why you pre-formatted it, are you trying to do something specific?

You should delete all the partitions on the disk and re-initialise it using a GPT instead of an MBR partition table. If you were just experimenting and not trying to do something specific then just leave it as unpartitioned space and the windows installer should handle it automatically.


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Boot from W10 USB stick. Choose Custom install - delete all partitions - install. Windows will create additional system partitions.


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I had an issue with installing windows 10 because of MBR or GPT partition solutions. I never resolved it fully (although got it working - my brain was a bit broken to say the least, hence I never fully understood how I got it working), but kind of remember resetting everything back to defaults in the Bios, then a reboot and back into the Bios to ensure I could see the drives in my ASUS motherboard and that seemed to do the trick (once installed I reset the Bios back to how I wanted it).

I was also creating a multi boot system (three boot systems - Hi-fi - Movies - Everything else - trust me, when the brain's is broken this seemed ever so difficult) and setting the partition sizes also created it's own problems.

Even though I had issues with the drive size, I feel it was more down to the MBR and GPT format detection from the ASUS motherboard, which then caused Window's 10 to have a wobble on it's custom installation.

I found that having two 5Tb drives made no difference either way. I tried installing on my SSD with and without them connected.

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