Windows 10 - creating videos on Microsoft Photos


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Anyone else use Microsoft Photos on Windows 10 to edit videos? I have used it before successfully but some days it's like it just doesn't want to work and I don't know why. I loaded the clips no bother and edited around the first 30% of the video yesterday. Today it's literally unusable. It just hangs and won't play the video without a long delay, and I can't even get to the point where I finished up yesterday after 30 minutes messing with it. At the end of each clip it just stops and sits there frozen. Nothing else open on laptop which is a not too old HP Pavilion laptop with i5 core processor so it should be able to handle a simple video editing job. Drives me bloody nuts as I won't get a chance to go near this video again probably until November and wanted to finish it today. :thumbsdow
Anyone recommend a free basic video editing tool that works on Windows 10? I'm not trying to be Kubrick here, just want to stick a few clips together relatively well, but MS Photos is doing it's level best to scupper my intentions.
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