WIndcsreen fitting - SNAFU's ? ? ?


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Car (Merc E220) had windscreen taken out and refitted. On the outside of the screen there is a rubber 'thingy' bit like a picture frame. When driving car heard wind noise that wasn't there before - checked windscreen and the rubber thingy/gasket/wotsit its not a flush fit. About six inches of it were not flush to edge of screen and one bit was well out. Guy in garage kinda pushed it in but its obvious that its not fitted well. One portion of it seems to dissappear 'into the void'.

Am sure they will claim its just a cosmetic thing but I reckon its a weather seal.

Anyone any info please ?

big question to me is it just this outside seal that needs refitting or does the screen have to re-done in toto. but then again what do I know about windscreens.... its going back in tomorrow first thing so would appreciate a quick answer.....


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