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I've just bought a camcorder, main use is to record trackday footage, mounted upside down on the roll hoop on a Lotus Elise. Weather permitting the roof will be off as it gives me more headroom with my helmet on.
Someone suggested we put some gaffer tape over the mic to reduce wind noise, but the results were not too great and reduced the sound of the engine a little too much.

Any suggestions or advice, other than a remote mic.
You want to get whats called a windjammer, sometimes refereed to as a Dead Cat. Its the fluffy thing you see over microphones on tv/movies.

See if your camera manufacturer offers one specific for your model. If not them look at Rycote and find something that might fit over your cameras mic. Rycote are the most recognised brand of pro wind jammers, so much so that windjammers are generically refered to as "Rycotes". Rode also make some cheaper ones for the pro-sumer market so see if they hav something that will fit?


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Ideally you'll need a fur covered blimp.
The fur (dead cat/wind jammer) will cause a disturbance area for the wind making it slow down whilst having a blimp will then give an inch or two around the mic of static air.

If you just use a dead cat only I'd try to mount it on the dash so that the windscreen will create static air, a foot well may also be a good place.

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