Win7: Programs won't attach or browse for files???


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Hi all,

I have what I'm sure is not a unique problem, but it is one I can't find any existing answers for.

All programs (inlcuding non windows programs) hang up any time I try to either browse for a file, attach a document or navigate to a location to "save as".

Basically, anything that opens another window is fine until I try to navigate to any location other than the default location. So, for example, on Windows Live Mail, i want to attach a letter, press attach and the new window pops up so I can choose the file to attach. I then navigate to the file location and as soon as I navigate away form that default location I get the warning that the program has "stopped working" and then it shuts down.

Generally, the program recovers to the point I was at, but the only way to attach a document or save as is to open or save in the default location and then move it later?

Any ideas would be warmly received.

For info I am using Windows 7 Home Premium. Programs affected are (not excllusively) the entire Office 2007 home premium package, I Tunes, various photo packages.

I've tried the "repair" function on the Windows 7 disc as well?

Hope to hear from someone soon :lease:


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Try Start, Computer, right-click drive C:, properties, Tools, Error Checking.

You will need to restart to run the disk check.

Also check for malware using Malwarebytes (free)


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Are the Errors reported in Eventviewer? Anything else there?
What Antivirus are you running? It might prevent the browsing.

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