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I've come to learn that Win10 sound is a hot mess but I'm still looking for a solution to my problem and failing that, a viable PC 5.1 surround alternative.

My setup:
Win10 PC (Multipurpose, HTPC, games, etc.)
Nvidia 1660 GTX (1x HDMI v2.0b, 3x DP v1.4) currently using Nvidia HD audio driver. Also tried Microsoft HD Audio Driver.
Pioneer VSX-S520 AVR
I have the PC connected via Nvidia HDMI to the TV for video.
I have the PC connected via Nvidia passive DP adapter/HDMI cable to the AVR for audio. I used Nvidia Control Panel to add the AVR as a second monitor and disabled sound to the TV. (I did have PC ---> eARC TV ---> ARC AVR but that wasn't working properly either and not optimal)
Win10 sound settings: 5.1 rear surround, 16bit 48000Hz.

My problem:
Win10 speaker test results in the FL and FR working properly, but the Centre test sound is coming only from both FL&FR and the RL&RR test sound also comes through both FL&FR.

AVR shows it is receiving PCM. DTS HD Master encoded files play properly through all speakers. AVR self-speaker test works correctly. Some games I play are obviously using the Windows sound settings and not producing audio correctly.

What I've tried:
Uninstall drivers, remove device, reinstall
Changed bit depth and sample rate settings
Used different HDMI cables
Tried all the Win10 speaker configurations
I've also tried a different Onkyo receiver but no change
When I used the ARC route the centre channel and sub worked but surround still came thru the front speakers.
I tried an EDID merge when using ARC but no change; I'm not sure I did it correctly.
A bunch of other things I can't remember

Is there a way to force Win10 to tell it to map the correct sounds to the correct speakers? I'm ready to give up and buy a soundcard with optical out.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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Not sure if this helps, but have you tried CRU to alter the EDID of the pioneer that windows is reading (it may not be reading it correctly).

Select the pioneer display from top menu
  • edit extension blocks.
  • edit audio formats.
  • select PCM and copy settings as in picture (pioneer manual states it supports these for PCM 5.1)
  • edit speaker setup and select 5.1 preset at the bottom to auto fill the selection.
  • okay to exit then run restart64 to apply the changes.

See if that changes anything in its behaviour, there are more advanced options in the speaker setup but I'm not familiar with and the CRU support thread on their forum might be able to help better.

Have you used the eARC Sharc adapter ?


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Thank you for replying! I do have CRU I'll give it a try and I'll look at that Sharc adapter as well.


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try running troubleshooter in sound settings. it got mine working after fiddling around for months trying to get dolby atmos to work with windows.

Seems connecting an AVR to a PC via the HDMI socket on the AVR then another to the monitor/TV causes a bit of a conflict so u need to run windows troubleshooters to see if that fixes it.


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What happens if you only use PC-AVR-TV using HDMI only or DP passthrough cable? Not both at the same time.

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