Win a copy of Criterion's February Titles on Blu-ray

Win a copy of Criterion's February Titles on Blu-ray

Win a copy of Criterion's February Titles on Blu-ray

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Feb 28, 2005
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The Criterion Collection and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment are delighted to release three new titles in February 2022

We are giving YOU a chance to win a copy of ALL of them on Blu-ray™!

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This playful, profound, and immensely moving docu-fantasia by KIRSTEN JOHNSON (Cameraperson) is a valentine to the director’s beloved father, Dick Johnson, made as she has begun to face the reality of losing him to dementia. Using the language of cinema both to defy death and to confront it head-on, Johnson mischievously envisions an array of ways in which the man she loves most in the world might die, staging a series of alternately darkly comic and colorfully imaginative tableaux interwoven with raw vérité footage capturing the pair’s tender but increasingly fragile bond. Tackling taboo questions of aging, mortality, and grief with subversive humour and surprising grace, Dick Johnson Is Dead is ultimately a triumphant celebration of life, and of the gentle, funny, unforgettable man at its centre. Long live Dick Johnson.


The Technicolor expressionism of DOUGLAS SIRK (All That Heaven Allows) reached a fever pitch with this operatic tragedy, which finds the director pushing his florid visuals and his critiques of American culture to their subversive extremes. Alcoholism, nymphomania, impotence, and deadly jealousy—these are just some of the toxins coursing through a massively wealthy, degenerate Texan oil family. When a sensible secretary (The Big Sleep’s LAUREN BACALL) has the misfortune of marrying the clan’s neurotic scion (To Be or Not to Be’s ROBERT STACK), it drives a wedge between him and his lifelong best friend (Magnificent Obsession’s ROCK HUDSON) that unleashes a maelstrom of psychosexual angst and fury. Featuring an unforgettably debauched, Oscar-winning supporting performance by DOROTHY MALONE (Man of a Thousand Faces) and some of Sirk’s most eye-popping mise-en-scène, Written on the Wind is as perverse a family portrait as has ever been splashed across the screen.


Golden-age Hollywood’s humanist master LEO MCCAREY (Make Way for Tomorrow) brings his graceful touch and relaxed naturalism to this sublime romance, one of cinema’s most intoxicating tear-wringers. IRENE DUNNE (The Awful Truth) and CHARLES BOYER (Gaslight) are chic strangers who meet and fall in love aboard an ocean liner bound for New York. Though they are both involved with other people, they make a pact to reconnect six months later at the top of the Empire State Building—until the hand of fate throws their star-crossed affair tragically off course. Swooning passion and gentle comedy coexist in perfect harmony in the exquisitely tender Love Affair (nominated for six Oscars), a story so timeless that it has been remade by multiple filmmakers over the years—including McCarey himself, who updated it as the equally beloved An Affair to Remember.

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The Criterion Collection and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment present DICK JOHNSON IS DEAD, WRITTEN ON THE WIND and LOVE AFFAIR on 21st February 2022 on Blu-ray™

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