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Network Distributing are proud to announce the upcoming release of the complete groundbreaking documentary series on Blu-ray and DVD Monday 14th October. To celebrate the release we are giving YOU a chance to win a copy on Blu-ray.

Inspired by this Jesuit motto and World in Action founder editor Tim Hewat’s anger at Britain’s rigid class system, the landmark UP documentary series is as pertinent today as it was back in 1964. Over 56 years in the making it has become an historical snapshot of British society through the decades and a unique perspective from which to reflect on our own lives.

The original Seven Up!, broadcast in 1964, brought 14 children from widely different social backgrounds together to share their hopes and ambitions, as well as their fears, for the future and set out to discover how far children’s lives were pre-determined by their backgrounds.

Across the series Andrew, Charles, John, Suzy, Jackie, Lynn, Sue, Tony, Paul, Symon, Nick, Peter, Neil and Bruce (not all of whom have returned for every series) discuss race, religion, class, gender, education relationships, health, freedom, discipline, workers rights, money, politics, prejudice and more – they delve into every aspect that makes up their lives. Picking up with them every seven years provides not only a welcome update on the group but a truly insightful look at how and why their opinions and outlooks have altered and how their interactions with each other have changed and matured over time. This groundbreaking television series is a momentous achievement and marks itself as the original reality TV social experiment documenting the human psyche.

Having been a researcher on the original Seven Up! series, and aiding in the choice of the children who were to partake, director Michael Apted (The World is Not Enough, Gorillas in the Mist) took the helm from the second series in 1970 - 7 Plus Seven. He has returned every seven years since to chart the group's progress, documenting the participants as they have meandered through their teenage years, grown into adults and most recently reached retirement age, while capturing them dealing with everything life has thrown at them in between – with life-changing decisions, shocking announcements and joy and tears in equal measure.

Now all nine editions in this acclaimed and award winning documentary film series (including special features) are available in a very special box set from Network Distributing, released on Monday 14th October on Blu-ray and DVD.

Available to pre-order from Network here and Amazon here

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