win 7 professiional x64 student???


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hey all,

I'm looking to purchase windows 7 professional x64 for my mac so i can boot camp it, but what i was wondering is, can i get a student edition im at uni but i cant find one, just wondering if anyone else has got win 7 pro, as i need it to keep some of the software i have :p




The problem is that the Software4Students copy of Win7 is an upgrade, so....
The versions of of Windows 7 sold on Software4Students are Upgrade Editions only. You must have a current valid Windows operating system licensed to your PC to perform a clean install using these editions.
therefore as the OP wants to install Windows onto a Mac (which I assume doesn't already have a valid copy of Windows installed?) a full retail/OEM version is required as there is nothing to upgrade from.

I know there are ways to get around the 'upgrade version' install, but as these are not fully legit I wont advise on them.



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thanks for the link and info, just found out today i can download a vailid version on vista to upgrade for free ;) so the £40 will get me the win 7 pro for my second mac ;)


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