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Win 7 box with quad dvb-t2, what software for nice PVR and player?

Ian North

Standard Member
I hope this has not been fully explained or you will all give me the bums rush:suicide:. I am a newcomer to media boxes and have seen various software that has good looking GUI and file access. XBMC on top of Win 7 I would like to try but no PVR? I have a quad tuner (DVB-T2) and would like it incorporating into the media GUI but from brief reading it aint going to happen soon. Some guidance and links would be much appreciated. I will avoid Linux for now as I know less than nothing about it and now is not the time for me to learn.
One more point, I have an old pinnacle 300 card and I used to be able to record using various compression levels with varying success, what can I do regarding that in 2011?:lease:


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Monty Burns

Well-known Member
Ian, you already have a PVR (and a perfectly capable one)... Windows Media Centre. Look for it your start menu or press the Windows Flag Green button on your remote. Go to the bottom menu and tell it you have tuners, it will then go and discover your channels!

As for a stored media player i.e. downloaded stuff; Media Portal (linked in post above) or 7MC (Windows 7 Media Center) will both do the same job. Both require the install of a CODEC pack which, if you pick the Shark007 pack, is actually quite painless and this means they will both play back the same material. MP does however read ISO's nativley I believe (?) but to do this on a 7MC box you will need Slysoft Virtual CD (again, like Shark007, free and dead simple to install).

Finally a plug-in for 7MC you might want to use is Media Browser, this gives you all the tarted up looks of Media Portal has already.

There are more pro's n con's for each system and plenty of fan boys around to argue about it so, I'll leave it at that and simply say that you should try both; what suits me, might not suit you.:smashin:

edit: 7MC links as requested:

Media Browser
Sly Soft Virtual Clone Drive

and required for 7MC AND Media Portal:


(About the most dificult part of Shark is finding the bloody download links on the page!)
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Ian North

Standard Member
Thanks gents. I shall start with 7MC and see how that goes. I have been playing about with it since installing onto a new machine that I am building for one of my family and it is actually quite snappy. I once tried its ancestor XP MCE with a Pinnacle 300i and it was not much fun but older software and older machine.


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There is no reason why your Pinnacle 300i won't be supported. I use one myself and it is fine.

If you are completely new to HTPCs then starting with 7MC is a good option to learn about how it all works. If you then want to move on to more configurable systems then you can look at them in the future.

If you do go down the MediaPortal route, then I would use the SAF6 codec pack (download from the MediaPortal forum). This is configured specifically with MediaPortal in mind (including all the plugins - such as BBC Iplayer etc), so is the easiest way to go if you are codec clueless. That said, it isn't difficult to configure manually with a little bit of research.

Have fun!


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