Win 10 update woes


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So on Thursday I found my laptop was running really slow and wouldn't connect to the internet. Accessing the internet by other means I learnt the cause of these problems is the latest win update. The suggested solution is to uninstall the offending update. So I went into view update history but the update isn't listed, the most recent update was installed on 16th January and isn't the one I'm looking for. What if anything have I done wrong please. As it happens I don't recall having installed an update between last Wednesday and Thursday so I'm wondering if it's the fault as described.


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If it's not installed then it's not going to be the source of your problem.

Is task manager showing any obvious cause of the laptop running slowly (e.g. a process using lots of CPU/memory/drive access) and which stage is your internet connection failing at?


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I can't see anything running in the background. I've removed everything connected to the laptop pen drive, HDMI cable etc. It running extremely slow e.g it takes almost half an hour for anything in settings I select to run.

Re. Internet the web browser launches but the page doesn't load. My default wb is Firefox but explorer edge is also installed and it's the same. None of Windows apps can access the web.

It's not the Wi-Fi because I'm typing this on a Kindle Fire using Wi-wifi but I've also tried using an Ethernet cable.


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Try this:
Open an elevated Command Prompt*
type this and hit the enter key and wait for several minutes until it is complete
sfc /scannow
(there is one space in that string)
reboot and see if anything has improved.
It may help; it may not.

Press Windows Key. Start typing the words command prompt. When the app appears in the menu/search result, right click and choose Run as Administrator.

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