Willow at night


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I took this in the grounds of where i work/live the frost has been severe around here, hardly any snow but serious frost!

Canon EOS 7D
Exposure time 2sec
iso 6400
focal length 26mm


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Nice - I prefer the second shot due to the lack of ghosting/glare - second shot might work well in mono as well...



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Nice, very similar to what you would get with an infra red filter in the summer.


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out of curiosity - why have you used such high iso and f16? wouldnt that be better quality to use f4/iso 800? you can see iso 6400 especially on the second photo. Therefore I like first photo more (where ISO "snow" is hidden by b/w) if only not the glares... That comes to the third option which is finally as it should look like! You may also try other varioations. I would imagine sephia and some vignetting should give great old-type effect that would magnify the age of the tree.


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Well there you go you have discovered me! I'm a Fraud :( I can sometimes take good photo's but I don't what I'm doing :( but I'm learning

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