William Brasinski - The River

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    In search of even more weird music, I came across this album. This is going to take a bit of work to listen too, its not music in the traditional sense.

    Take one short wave radio that is gradually sweeping its way through the frequencies, but doesnt return a single station or contact, just crackles , howls and hiss's (in a short wave radio sort of way) add to that a slow ambient sound track of very deep bass, which sort of alternates like the beam from a light house, add several other almost unidentifiable instruments and there you have it.

    Granted, this doesnt sound very inviting, but it really gets its hooks into you. Close your eyes and experience those weird moments you get at modern art galleries when you find an exibit that feels almost alien and touches something in your emotions that you cant quite get a handle on.

    The same sort of thing happens sometimes when you get a familiar smell or colour, not that memory thing that reminds you of a time and a place, more an emotional tug.

    Stand by a slow moving river and watch the ink black eddy's swirling by, think about the powerful under currents which can pull you down and the little silver bubbles which drift and vanish on the surface like an analogy to the transient nature of life itself. If you know that feeling you will identify with this piece of music.

    Yeah, I know, keep off the drugs :rolleyes: but this really is one trip you should take. Play it in your car or on the train and just stare out of the window and into the landscape and you get this sense of..............well just try it, you will see for yourself.

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