Will you be heading back to the pub anytime soon?

Are you going to the pub?

  • Yes, as soon as I can

    Votes: 14 12.0%
  • No, I'm not a frequent pub goer

    Votes: 39 33.3%
  • No, I'm not taking the risk, yet

    Votes: 59 50.4%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 5 4.3%

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fat jez

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Why half of them didn't think "Hang on, it is getting a bit busy in here. Time to leave" I'll never understand.
  1. it won’t affect them, it only affects old people
  2. Everybody here is fine
  3. I’m too drunk to care

fat jez

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Yep, you're right :(

Horrible state of affairs when you have to rely on others to act sensibly to protect your own wellbeing.

With pubs, I think they should have gone back to the old country pub model. Open for a few hours over lunch, close for the afternoon. Open again for dinner, close around 9-9:30. Hopefully that would have reduced the impact of those looking to get plastered.


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Even with the new lockdown up here, still going to the pub is perfectly acceptable.

Given the weather today, they will be chocker later.

A complete lost cause.


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LIke everything - it all depends on how they handle it. There's one near me with very clear demarcations on the ground (hazard tape) to create spaces for all the tables inside and out and all the staff are wearing masks, and there are clear (much reduced) capacity limits. There's also a doorman taking contact details too - you can't get it before passing him. Only been in once, but would happily go back (although not at key "busy" times).

But yes, much as there are pubs and restaurants taking it seriously, there will be others who just have no clue. But it's becoming very clear which ones those are, and easier to avoid.


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Had a great meal and Whitsable Bay ale from the barrel at The Moody Mare last night .

Booked a outside table ( in the paddock that they put up during shutdown ) and filled myself up on baked Camenbert starter and braised Ox Cheeks with Dauphinoise potato and roasted root veg and red wine jus .

Had book table then sanitize hands on arrival and temp check Done before taken to table . Once at table all food and drink orders taken from the table . Bonus is that is an app to scan from the menu that allows one to order drinks faster .

Felt safe and great meal , also they had a lot of punters . Great to see.


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I’m not sure why they are thinking of closing pubs again when the schools start in September. Anyone understand what the connection is supposed to be?


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I suppose it is to do with total risk, either that or interactions.
It must be a total risk thing. I think closing them is an over-reaction though (and it is only one advisor). Maybe going down the booking and having to order food (like ireland) could be an alternative as a way of limiting numbers without crippling the industry.


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It's an idea though I saw echoed earlier by another scientist on the BBC news. Although I'm sure they were talking about the US at the time. There may well be more behind such a move than we think.

Either way I agree, and I'm struggling to find any logic behind the idea.


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It must be a total risk thing. I think closing them is an over-reaction though (and it is only one advisor). Maybe going down the booking and having to order food (like ireland) could be an alternative as a way of limiting numbers without crippling the industry.
If the R number rises in certain locations then schools Pubs and whatever should go back into a strict lockdown .

Maybe then many folks will be able to understand we are in the middle of a rising pandemic .

The beaches on the south coast yesterday show many think its nothing and in Germany today they had a march against freedom from Covid restrictions .

Comes ti the point where I do not care for the idiots or their outcome , those idiots though infect many that really try to make a difference for the better .


I get the logic.

Opening schools up massively increases the number of interactions between seperate families.

Before they closed them, they said that doing so would decrease the peak by around 10 to 15 percent.

Reopening pubs has more than likely lead to a huge increase in interactions between families too, especially young people, which is where the current rise in infections seems to be happening.

Wether the government would effectively kill off an entire industry in order to open schools, well I'm not sure.


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No kids to serve beer to? :)

Probably to do with juggling two Spready McSpread Spreads.
I was getting confused with the other thread for a moment. Maybe we could rename this one "Will you be headed back to school anytime soon" or the other one could be "Thoughts on sending kids back to the pub"! :)


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The more you open up, the more chance of transmission.

It really is as simple as that.

The thought, I believe, is; if, as a consequence of schools opening, the transmission rate increases then to mitigate this they would close pubs before they close the schools.

The logic being that it's more important for schools to be open than pubs.
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