Will you be buying some new electronic kit this xmas for yourself or someone else?

Will you be buying some new electronic kit this xmas for yourself or someone else?

  • I plan to

    Votes: 415 55.9%
  • I plan not to

    Votes: 121 16.3%
  • Maybe I'll get a surprise

    Votes: 72 9.7%
  • I have no idea

    Votes: 135 18.2%

  • Total voters


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if it is indeed launched at the Apple 'back to the mac' event on Wednesday, I shall be heading to my local Apple store to get the 11.6" Macbook Air. Can't wait, if it is indeed launched! :thumbsup:


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Lots I would like but not going to happen after a new DSLR earier in the year, oh and a baby :D.

I'll be happy with a few blu-rays a game or two and maybe a PS Move. A lot depends on if I can get a new job between now and the end of the year.


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PS 3 slim , with all gadgets with it + another HD media player for daughter, she have her own room now, so my 8 port 1 gb Lan hub is full now :)


evening all,

ipod touch 4th gen, and a Kindle wi'fi/3g for the wife, why not! you only live once, buy now, you may not be here at crimble time....



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Having just built a new HTPC and overhauled my network storage situation, I'll be holding off any big purchases this Christmas. On the other hand I have been eyeing up a new dSLR body for a while, so post-Christmas sales may tempt me...


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Probably treating [-]myself[/-] SWMBO to a canon 7d with a lens and a macbook air.

I will probably get a hat :)


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Christmas is a time of giving.:lesson:
So who wants to give me a Radeon HD 6900 card?


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i'm getting a 3D tv :clap::devil:
And Sony really wants it to be one of theirs ;) get back that VAT!

Instead of a flat telly, I went for a flat monitor on the computer side;

Buy 22" Iiyama ProLite E2210HDS-1 LCD Monitor E2210HDS-1 from CCL - Online Retailer of the Year 2008, 2007 & 2006 for laptops, desktops and computer hardware

That's my gift to myself, done. Already bought the family pressies, now just one other person to think about and it might just be vouchers again as November's my limit for faffing about over Christmas shopping.


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Getting Onkyo 608, Just sold 606 on ebay, Samsung 3d Television, a new subwoofer and Q Acoustics Qav wall mount speakers to take system to 7.2


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need to get a Panasonic 3D blu-ray player to go with the 50V20 & then search out a home cinema sound system. not sure how to go yet, wireless or one that fits with these on Vierra cast.
got to get a new laptop for my daughter for xmas & maybe an ipad or a ps3.

looks like i'll be broke until xmas 2011 :(

i think all of November will be spent reading on Av forums


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Ipod touch and a new samsung monitor as my 2003 one has decided to give up. Possibly a ps3 or something but maybe i'll save it for a birthday...


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Does it still count if I could not resist and purchased it two months early? :devil:


Have you opened it yet? :devil:

Mark Botwright

Moderator & Reviewer
Does it still count if I could not resist and purchased it two months early? :devil:
I'd say it still counts, i just tell people i bought it early to avoid the Christmas rush and it must be opened to check it's working. Whether it goes back in the box is another matter entirely. Officially i'm just testing the Kindle that arrived a couple of days ago. ;)

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