will we need onboard prog scan?


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Many years ago onboard DD or DTS decoding was needed for players and then recievers caught up and apart for DVD-A and SACD we use the amp.
As some CRT displays now have their own prog scan devices will we see an end to this requirement and does any one know if this has started and at what price level e.g does a £1200 projector de interlace better than a Sony 930?


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With the new digital interfaces meaning there's no analogue stage I suppose it won't matter at all where its de-interlaced but with current analogue connections it should still be the dvd player that does a better job unless the de-interlacer in the dvd player is pretty poor and the projector/display de-interlacer is really good. However while I can see the difference between feeding an interlace and progressive signal to the projector its pretty minor and I must admit I can happily live with the results of either. Unlike feeding it s-video where masses of detail and colour disappear and onscreen artifacts and corruption spoil the image.

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