will we have proper 3d hd tv in time for the olympics? need new kit?


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I am toying with the idea of getting a "future proof" 50 " 3d hd tv in the near future but dont want to buy in haste and repent at leisure! My understanding is that current 3d tv is not proper HD at all, in fact its just SD on the 2 images.

I noticed last night that on 23.5east sat, ASTRA are running a 3d dolby demo and each image is 1080i ie proper hd. But will I need a new receiver to pick up this new format and more important am I right in assuming I will need a next generation 3d hd tv as well?


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Jason Shouler

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Pretty much all 3D TVs support Full HD so I expect you're getting confused with the broadcast standard which is almost certainly going to be SBS (Side by Side) or possibly OU (Over & Under) for the Olympics.

No such thing as "future proofing" but you'd do well to study the different types of 3D sets you can buy as this will likely impact on your viewing enjoyment more than anything.


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thanks for quick reply and confused is the word, I now know that if I use blu ray 3d I get full hd but am I right in
saying sky transmit 3d in half hd ie not 1080i still. I have forgotten the exact resolution.

I know what side by side means but OU has me foxed!!! I am drawn towards the active models at the moment.



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The technology is developing very fast.
Do not ever buy equiipment based on "future proof".
Do you consider buying a "future proof" mobile phone? - NO!
A future proof device you buy now is very outdated compared to a device you buy a year later doing the same thing!
My current TV has 5 year warranty and going but I wish it breaks so it gives me an excuse to buy a new one!

Back to the 3D for olympics - though there is no news just yet, it is not a surprise if there is some form of 3D broadcast by then.

A set top box is likely to be needed to be biewed with existing 3D TVs.

3D broadcast over the air through satellite probably comes sooner than terrestial, as present receivers are probably OK (the main criteria of playing 3D contents for most 3D TV is that the source is connected through HDMI).

A firmware update for many existing 3D TV might do it to play 3D HSBS prictures over the air.
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Panasonic seem to be the suppliers of 3D material from the 2012 Olympics, but it is up to the broadcasters to decide what to buy in from them. Of course the BBC did do a 'try out' with some Wimbledon coverage. This was the side/side technique. As the OP points out this is not the full deal since each image has to be stretched to give a full 16:9 picture. I suspect that is what you will get from them for the Olympics as well as whatever Sky pay for. Whether Virgin media come into the act on the back of Sky remains unknown. Other satellite suppliers may use other systems, but I guess it will not be free.

Personally I'm not a great sports lover, but it would be great if the Opening and Closing event could be relayed live, and in 3D, to local cinemas. The technology is there.
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Jason Shouler

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am I right in
saying sky transmit 3d in half hd ie not 1080i still.
Yes; Sky (and all other broadcasters that I'm aware of) transmit 3D in Half SBS which has a resolution of 960 x 1080. (I've never heard anyone describe this as SD and it certainly doesn't look like SD to me :confused:)

The good thing about this format is that any broadcaster that is able to broadcast in true HD is also able to broadcast in 3D without any extra bandwidth requirements :smashin:

Technically speaking, due to the odd way that passive 3D works, it should be possible to transmit Full HD in this same bandwidth too - although active sets would still be forced to display in half resolution. For active TVs to receive Full HD 3D broadcasts then the bandwidth would need to be substantially raised and I can't see this happening unless 3D becomes a lot more popular.


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It's not sd once half of the image is stretched to fill the screen its better then DVD

Still looks really good though

960x1080i is the real res compared to 1920x1080i so you are seeing half the detail compared to a normal sky hd channel
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