Will we be able to get there this time??


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This is a bit long winded but will try to keep it as short as I can....

My father in law passed away on the 31st of December 2019, he was a US citizen and lived in New Orleans.
My wife and I travelled to New Orleans in early January to sort out all of his affairs and were there for around five weeks. My father in law was a US military veteran who achieved a lot in his career and as a result he was eligible to be buried with full military honours at Arlington National Cemetery. Burials at Arlington can often take a long time to arrange, on this occasion the date was set for April 16th 2020, we arranged everything with the funeral home in New Orleans and payment was made for transporting my father in law from New Orleans to Arlington for the service and we then travelled home in February. When we got home we booked flights for myself, the wife and our 12 year old twins to travel back for the service.

We all know what happened next....... Yes, our flights were cancelled due to Covid-19. Both Arlington and the funeral home were fantastic with us and completley understoood the situation we were now in and the service was postponed until August 17th but unfortunatly our flights were again cancelled.

As things now stand the service has again been rearranged, this time for the 15th of December and at this stage we have no way of knowing if our flights will be cancelled or, if not then if we will be allowed in to the US.

Bit of background regarding my wife's status in regards to the relationship with her father, her father was stationed over here in the UK during the late 60's/early 70's he then met my wife's mother and my wife was then born here. In the mid 70's he was then stationed back in the USA so of course my wife then moved to the USA however the marriage did not last so my wife and her mother moved back to the UK 6 years later so my wife does not have US citizenship.

We have been in touch with the US embassy and they have been as helpful as they can be in the circumstances, we asked if we would be allowed to travel (presuming the borders are still closed) under expeptional circumstances and although they said that they may be able to assist they can't consider anything until we are within 30 days of the date of travel which is the 12th of December.

The horrible bit has been the lack of news from the US since the borders were effectivley closed, as you can imagine my wife is going through some really hard times and it's the not knowing if and when we can travel that is really hurting, she just wants to lay her Dad to rest.

I realise that I have not really asked any questions but was just curious to know anyone's opinions as to wether the border will be open again soon or not.

P.S We are willing to change our flights and quarantine for 14 days in the US before the funeral and do the same again when we get home if that means we are allowed to travel.

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I can't offer any advice, but I extend my condolences and sympathies for situation we're in which has made an awful situation even worse.

Best wishes to you and your wife and I hope you're able to sort this out and get to the US to give her dad the send off he deserves.


I guess the next month’s new limitations mean the situation isn’t getting any better anytime soon.


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I guess the next month’s new limitations mean the situation isn’t getting any better anytime soon.
You are right, it is not good news.
I did have an email back from a US senator who had looked in to our case and also contacted the US Embassy on our behalf, the end result was the same as before in such that we must contact the US Embassy within 30 days of the travel date and hope that we are granted a right of travel exemption to the current rules. The flights that we are booked to travel on have been departing and returning so gives us a little bit of hope.


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Just wanted to update the thread with the news that this morning we have received an email from the US Embassy granting us permission to travel to Washington to attend the funeral.
Not told the wife yet as she is at work, its safe to say that she will be emotional when she hears the news!

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