Will Vrigin Broadband disconnect from time to time


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I'm using talktalk at the moment. It seems that talktalk is disconnecting user in ramdom during the peak hour, i.e. in the afternoon and early evening.

It makes it difficult to use the internet for trading online.

Do you get Virgin connected all the time non-stop?

Many thanks.


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VM certainly don't do this. I'm not aware that TalkTalk do either though! Are you sure there is not a technical problem causing your drop-outs?


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Our connection with virgin although frequently very slow, especially from 4pm-11pm has not just stopped working.

I would suggest logging into your router, if you have one, and trying to discconnect it (I know that you say you are already disconnected but your router might not think so) and then reconnect. This is a trick that sometimes works for us if the internet seems slower than it should be.


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I've just switched to VM, I've been on it for a few months and it's not disconnected once. Not once.

My adsl on the otherhand disconected all the time. I was with Pipex when back in the beginning and I had no problems whatsoever. Same equipment to another isp disconnections ahoy! Through several changes in isp and equipment - eventually ending up with sky with new equipment even more disconnections, threw out the new equipment, less disconnections but still there.

The broadband service is the best part of the whole virgin package (at the moment - baring changing fair usage policy and traffic management)

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