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Will upgrading my DL speed on my ISP improve Live performance?


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I'm currently on a 2mb (Bulldog) connection, my line is cable of 8mb Dl I think.

Would it improve my connection on Xbox Live if I upgraded to an 8mb connection? I have read in the past that it is upload speed that is the candy when it comes to online gaming.

Although on a speed test it shows my upload as around 242kb and Demon are offering 8mb Down and 0.5mb up, would this show a woorthwhile improvement on what I have?


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Online gaming doesn't really need much bandwidth, a 2meg line if more than enough :)


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Speedtest.net do a pretty test of your connection.

As Desmo says, you don't need a fat pipe for Live, but a fast one helps. See what the ping is from speedtest and post the results back here.


i have always been under the influenece of upload and ping is the dinga ling i also have www.bethere.co.uk and i cant rate them highly enough superfast speeds and its cheap my line would only support 8 so i went for the 8 package at £14 a month for that i get around 6-7 down and sometime 900 up which is very good for £14 a month cant argue really


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You could try asking your ISP to switch off interleaving.
Not all of them will do it though.

I'm with Zen and after switching it off, my Ping speeds improved by 40%.



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Hmmm, I might try that Brogan, as for Be, I looked at them before and their service isn't available in my area unfortunately. I would have snapped them up tomorrow if they were.

Zen have been getting really good recommendation along with newnet & ADSL24.


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I've been with Zen on and off for years.

I always end up going back to them as their service and support is excellent.
I'm with Demon and the upload speed is fine, my phone line only supports 3mb and I get around 90% of that all the time. ;) I don't remember the last router reboot !!!!

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