will:UE46ES8000 reduce in £, as UE46F8000 is coming out?


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Hello Gents,

I was wondering if you thought that the Samsung UE46ES8000 will drop in price as the SAMSUNG UE46F8000 is being released next month?

I had the Samsung UE46ES8000 price matched at JL for £1189. Do you think this is a good deal?

All input welcome



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This is my thinking exactly.
My Pioneer 434 has a problem with the only hdmi input and i don't know if this is fixable or cost effective.
Was going to buy the Samsung then found out there's a new set out soon,has next month been confirmed? I could only find'to be released in the first half of 2013'

Don't want to wait months but would hate to buy a new tv then a few weeks later the new model's out and the old one's reduced.Where did you see it priced at £1189, if you don't mind me asking?
Many thanks.


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Next month new model confirmed on the Currys website here :

Buy SAMSUNG UE46F8000 Full HD 46" LED 3D TV | Free Delivery | Currys

I send JL quite a few price match requests for this set, they matched one from here

Samsung UE46ES8000 46 Inch 3D FullHD Freeview 800Hz Smart LED TV [UE46ES8000] - £1,149.95 : 123av.co.uk, Great Deals on LCD TVs | Sony Blu Ray Recorders | Alphason TV Stands | Samsung Flat Screen TVs

Don't think it will drop below that figure, anyone else think we should hold off?



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All depends how much stock there is out there. Samsung won't be making any more now


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£1189 for a Samsung UE46ES8000 sounds like a very good deal. I don't think it will drop. Instead, Samsung is putting a premium on its 2013 "F" range. The Series 7 and 8 models are particularly expensive relative to last year's models.

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